8 Tips For Working Remotely

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Many organizations have asked employees to work remotely during the coronavirus outbreak. If you’ve never worked from home, this can be a challenge. As someone who has been doing it for 3 years I thought of offering some advice. It’s important that you set some rules but most importantly, it requires discipline.

1 – Stick To Your Work Schedule

(9-5 or whatever works for you)

2 – Schedule Your Work

(the day before is usually fine but I recommend planning the following week on a Friday afternoon. don’t forget to add some time for lunch! also, tips on time management here)

3 – Dress As If You Were Going To The Office

4 – Have A Dedicated Work Space At Home

5 – Ensure You Have Good Connectivity

(I recommend fibre with at least 50Mb connection)

6 – Pay Attention To Ergonomics

(ie laptop riser; external monitor; keyboard + mouse; comfortable chair; hands-free headset)

7 – Take Mid-Morning And Mid-Afternoon Breaks

(stretch your legs; get some water; give someone a call)

8 – Schedule Daily Check-Ins With Either Your Manager Or Work Colleague

Lastly, I leave you with a great read on remote working.

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