Bite-Sized review: Getting Things Done

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Title: Getting Things Done

Author: David Allen

Type: Personal Organisation

Summary: some practical advice but felt heavy at times (a lot of waffling). Stick to the core techniques – shown and listed below – and you’ll do fine.

Rating: gtd

Key Takeaways:

  1. Capture: collecting what has your attention; clear desk environment – no distractions; your head is for having ideas, not holding them; categorise tasks;
  2. Clarify: process the tasks you’ve captured; clarify why the task is what it is; is the task actionable? what’s the very next action?
  3. Interim step (3 Ds): do the task (if <2 mins DO IT!); delegate it; defer it;
  4. Organise: put things where they belong (categorise);
  5. Reflect: review frequently (weekly);
  6. Engage: simply do it!!

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